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RDO-5% bonus

15 outubro — 31 dezembro 2021

The ‘RDO-5% bonus’ promotion conditions.

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RDO-5% bonus

15 outubro — 31 dezembro 2021
RDO-5% bonus

The ‘RDO-5% bonus’ promotion conditions.

The ‘RDO-5% bonus’ promotion conditions.


1. General information

The promotion’s name: ‘RDO-5% bonus’.
Duration of the promotion: the 15th of October 2021 through the 31st of December 2021.
The promotion’s participants: Clients of FIBO Group, Ltd (BVI) who opened and activated an MT4 NDD account in the RDO base currency in the promotion’s duration period.
New FIBO Group clients and those who have already signed up can both participate in the promotion.
Bonus MT4 NDD account — a live account participating in the ‘RDO-5% bonus’ promotion program.


2. Terms of participation

The bonus is credited to each FIBO Group, Ltd client (BVI) who:

  • Opened an MT4 NDD account and chose RDO as the account base currency in one’s Client Area in the duration dates of the promotion.
  • Made a deposit with any available option including internal transfer.


3. Bonus calculation and crediting terms

The bonus amounts to 5% of a deposit.
E.g.: A client opens an MT4 NDD live trading account in the RDO base currency and makes a deposit of USD 1 000.
The bonus amount, in this case, shall be USD 50.
The account is credited with the bonus funds automatically as soon as the deposit is cleared.
Bonus funds are stored in the account’s balance permanently.
Bonus funds can be credited till the 31st of December 2021.


4. Funds withdrawal

Bonus funds may be withdrawn from a live trading account with no extra conditions in 3 months after the date they were credited.
Early withdrawal of bonus funds is not available. The bonus funds are written off in case the initial deposit is withdrawn. Profits received from trading with bonus funds can be withdrawn with no limitation.


5. Limitations

The bonus is credited exclusively for the deposits to an MT4 NDD account in the RDO base currency.
Funds deposited to an MT4 NDD account in an internal transfer also participate in the promotion.
The Company reserves the right to reject or cancel the bonus at any time. The Company shall not be liable for any consequences of the bonus cancellation including Margin Call and Stop Out.
A client reserves the right to open a dispute on bonus cancellation/rejection within 3 business days by submitting their complaint in the ‘Submit complaint’ section of one’s Client Area.
A client has the right to open only one bonus account to participate in the promotion.


6. Changes in the promotion’s terms

The Company reserves the right to make changes in the promotion’s terms and also to terminate the promotion at any time with no prior notice.
The information on the terms’ updates shall be published on the FIBO Group, Ltd (BVI) web-site, the ‘FIBO Group — Promotions’ section.
All inquires regarding the promotion’s terms may be directed to the Customer Service department via online chat, or the ‘Ask a question’ section of one’s Client Area.